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KSTA is proud to offer a variety of outstanding workshops and featured sessions.

All sessions will be held at the University of Louisville Event and Conference Center at Shelby Campus. Schedule is subject to change.

SESSION 9 - Saturday, November 4 - 1:40PM - 2:40PM

Kentucky’s Interactive Atlas of Phenomena for Science: A path towards conceptual science

Presenting Kentucky Department of Education’s new Interactive Atlas of Phenomena for Science resource. This is a digital resource designed by Kentucky science teachers for Kentucky science teachers. While the Interactive Atlas of Phenomena is NOT a curriculum or instructional tool, it empowers teachers to bundle standards around locally based phenomena. The resource has a wide variety of Kentucky based phenomena coupled with a cross-cutting concept focused question alongside the disciplinary core ideas needed to explain the phenomena. The Atlas is organized based on progression of understanding from basic, through intermediate, to advanced levels of understanding and shows how the three dimensions of science are interconnected. The presenters will introduce how the Atlas is arranged, answer questions, and guide participants through personalized exploration for use within their own classroom.

Speakers: Catherina Sammons, Shannon Wells, & Erica Baker

Grades: K-12

Empowering Teachers with ChatGPT

Join us for an interactive session that will explore the transformative potential of ChatGPT, an AI-powered language model, and learn how to integrate it effectively into your teaching practices. Discover how ChatGPT can support student learning across various subjects, foster creativity, and encourage critical thinking. Through real-life case studies, hands-on activities, and collaborative discussions, you’ll gain practical insights and best practices for using ChatGPT responsibly, addressing ethical considerations, and promoting inclusivity in the classroom. Whether you’re an AI enthusiast or just beginning your AI journey, this session offers valuable opportunities to personalize learning experiences for your students and embrace the power of AI in education.

Speakers: Madison Staton

Grades: 6-12


Speakers: Martha Tudor

Grades: TBD

Make Assessment More Educative by Providing Students With the Feedback They Need to Learn

The importance of exit tickets: Assessments are only useful when used to guide further instruction.

Often times, assessments are used to evaluate what students don’t know. how can teachers make daily

adjustments to meet the needs of students? Make student learning visible to make adjustments. In this

session, teachers and administrators will gain information about using formative assessments to make

instructional shifts to meet students' learning needs. The intended audience is teachers and

administrators for science, math, and engineering courses in grades 3-12.  


We need to know what kids are thinking so we can make a plan- see reasons and understand why

students answered the way they did. Seeing student thinking

Speakers: Vic Sampson

Grades: K-12

From Flat to Fantastic:  Transforming Science Lessons into 3D Adventures

You can still use your “old” lessons! Join us as we discuss ways to add three-dimensionality to your lessons. We will share some lessons that have been transformed and some steps you can take to get closer to three-dimensional teaching. Students can still have fun while being pushed to higher levels of achievement. One way to ensure that students have fun while being pushed to higher levels is by incorporating interactive and engaging activities. These activities, not only make learning more enjoyable but also encourage critical thinking, problem-solving skills, and collaboration skills.

Speakers: Angela Marksberry & Cassie Austin

Grades: K-12

Kentucky Department of Education Presents:  Anchoring Phenomenon for Three-Dimensional Teaching

In this session participants will deepen their understanding of what an anchoring phenomenon is and its importance in engaging students in three-dimensional learning. Participants will experience an anchoring phenomenon that drives instruction through a science content storyline. We will examine how the Kentucky Academic Standards (KAS) for Science can be bundled around an anchoring phenomenon and reflect on how the experience can impact student learning. Walk away understanding the trans-formative power anchoring phenomena can have in developing science ideas and building an equitable learning community.

Speakers: Amanda Prewitt, Kentucky Department of Education

Grades: K-5

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