Conference Sessions

KSTA is proud to offer a variety of outstanding workshops and featured sessions.

All sessions will be held at the University of Louisville Event and Conference Center at Shelby Campus. Schedule is subject to change.

SESSION 7 - Saturday, November 4 - 10:10AM - 11:10AM

InnerOrbit Presents: Supporting KSA Preparation through common science assessments

How can teams of teachers shift their assessment practices during the school year to build up to the Kentucky Science Assessment (KSA)? Join InnerOrbit as we explore how districts in Kentucky are designing common assessments to encourage sensemaking, 3-dimensional questioning, and student data! Educators will explore educator stories, common assessment examples, and Q&A!

Speakers: Erin Cooke

Grades: K-12




Cereal City Science Presents: What's in the Atmosphere?

What makes up the air in the atmosphere? Why do you think it is important to know what makes up the air in the atmosphere? Come see how this storyline captures students’ wonderings. Join Sandy Erwin from Cereal City Science (CCS), and Missy Weatherly, a 5th Grade Teacher from Boone County KY, as they take you through a short lesson from the 5th Grade CCS unit, Earth and Space Systems. Experience firsthand, a three- dimensional lesson that engages students in science and engineering practices such as asking questions, developing and using models, and arguing from evidence. Missy will share student artifacts, videos, and personal experiences piloting and implementing the Cereal City Science unit in the classroom this past spring. Come away with a deeper understanding of what a high-quality science program looks like from a teacher perspective. This session is a must for anyone interested in adopting a science curriculum or who is interested in learning more about what NGSS science looks like in an elementary classroom.

Speakers: Sandy Erwin, Missy Weatherly

Grades: K-8

Kentucky Science Center Presents: Creating Experiences for All Learners

Are you looking for ways to make science more accessible?  Do you want to create more opportunities for students to reach their full potential as aware and inclusive problem-solvers? This session, suitable for teachers grades K-12, explores interactive examples of programming Kentucky Science Center utilizes to bring STEAM to all.  Learn how our new exhibit Uniquely Human considers the intersection of health, humanity, and self-expression. Discover how these connections shape who we are, how we think, and what we feel.

Speakers: Autumn Barefoot & Hannah Garrett, Kentucky Science Center

Grades: K-12

Be Ready for the April 8 Eclipse!

The afternoon of Monday, April 8 will be the last chance for anyone in the United States to see a Total Solar Eclipse for the next 20 years (August 23, 2044, in Montana and New Mexico)! This session will prepare teachers on ways to safely share the eclipse with their students along with the science behind eclipses.

Speakers: Rico Tyler

Grades: K-12

Kentucky Department of Education Presents: How do I support student sense making with equitable discourse?

Through intentional and equitable academic discourse, students share and construct ideas as they collect and examine evidence in order to develop conceptual understanding of science. During this session participants will use some of the STEM Teaching Tools to identify the connection between sense making and equitable academic discourse. We will also watch a video to explore the teacher moves and the student actions in a classroom setting where equitable academic discourse is supporting the learning. Finally, we will develop a collaborative understanding of equitable academic discourse that supports student sensemaking. Participants will be provided with several resources that will support them and students as they intentionally plan for equitable academic discourse.

Speakers: Erica Baker, Kentucky Department of Education

Grades: K-5

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