Conference Sessions

KSTA is proud to offer a variety of outstanding workshops and featured sessions.

All sessions will be held at the University of Louisville Event and Conference Center at Shelby Campus. Schedule is subject to change.

SESSION 6 - Saturday, November 4 - 9:00AM - 10:00AM

BrainPOP Presents: Bring Writing and Science Together with CER

Help students apply science inquiry and critical thinking skills to scientific concepts. Join our session on Claim-Evidence-Reasoning, the framework that helps students make sense of the world around them. CER scaffolds writing into science investigations to help students analyze, evaluate, and synthesize scientific information. Critical thinking, communication, and writing skills are all strengthened while deepening understanding of scientific concepts. Learn how the CER framework helps students make sense of the world and leave with an in-depth understanding and practical strategies.

Speakers: Kristen Rillieux

Grades: 6-8

Visible Body Presents: The Unlimited Cut: Dissecting 3D Animal Models & Human Body to Improve Life Science Education Outcomes

Lab time and access to specimens can be limited, expensive, or sometimes entirely out of reach. Visible Body’s 3D content and Courseware platform provide a digital alternative to wet labs and 2D textbook images and diagrams, allowing students to “cut” as many times as they need. Complete with multiple animal models and the entire human body; students can dissect layer by layer, learn definitions, create flashcards, and watch simulations of biological processes. The session will also include an overview of our free resources, including video dissections, eBooks, lab manuals, and more.

Speakers: Brandy Billiter

Grades: 9-12

Louisville Zoo Presents: Wild Learning

Join the Louisville Zoo and better the bond between your students and the plant. Come learn what the Louisville Zoo has to offer your classroom. Learn about our field trips, school at the zoo program and other opportunities the Zoo has. Take home an ethogram activity and learn how to shape it to fit the needs of your classroom and make learning truly wild.

Speakers: Derek Herrick & Kathleen Johnson

Grades: K-12

Eating your way through science

In this session, learn about edible labs that can be tailored for K-12 and how to differentiate as needed to meet the needs of your students in a way that keeps them engaged.

Speakers: Heather Mericle-Sherburne

Grades: K-12

Supporting Student Writing in Elementary Science

More Information Coming Soon

Speakers: Patti Works

Grades: K-5

Labrador Genetics - Deeper Learning for Applied Genetics

After being America’s number one dog for over 30 years, the Labrador Retriever can be found in countless homes across the country. From service dogs to household companions, what makes these dogs so special? Today we will explore one genetic trait found in Labs, seeing how a classroom can apply genetic principles to a real-world problemParticipants will be guided through this activity as if they were students in a classroom, seeing what it is like from a student’s perspective. More importantly, participants will see how the state’s Deeper Learning initiative can be applied to classic concepts within science curriculum.

Speakers: Brian Welch

Grades: 6-12

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