Conference Sessions

KSTA is proud to offer a variety of outstanding workshops and featured sessions.

All sessions will be held at the University of Louisville Event and Conference Center at Shelby Campus. Schedule is subject to change.

SESSION 3 - Friday, November 3 - 11:20AM - 12:20AM

ExploreLearning Presents: Fostering Student Engagement: Harnessing the Power of Simulations in Science Education

The integration of online simulations aligns with Science and Engineering Practices by promoting student engagement, active learning, and the development of scientific citizenship. By harnessing the power of simulations and combining them with instructional best practices, teachers can create dynamic learning experiences that empower students to ask questions, analyze data, and construct explanations. Through this interactive session, educators can explore effective strategies for leveraging simulations and fostering student engagement, ultimately nurturing the next generation of scientifically literate and engaged citizens.

Speakers: Rhonda Newton

Grades: K-12

Challenger Space Center of Kentucky Presents: Engineering the Future: Bringing the Engineering Design Process to the Classroom

“Engineering the Future: Bringing the Engineering Design Process to the Classroom” will explore

the engineering design process through the use of hands-on activities and real tools. Several

different projects can be completed using the same materials, from a rubber-band powered

rover to a projectile launcher. This program is targeted at middle school students, however

there are several projects that can be utilized at the high school level. Furthermore, in lieu of

using the materials for a specific design, students can be assigned “challenge” cards where they

can utilize the materials in a variety of ways to accomplish a task.

Speakers: Sara Griffith & Charles Bush

Grades: 3-8

STEMscopes by Accelerate Learning Presents: Claim-Evidence-Reasoning (CER): Are you CERtain Your Students Understand the Data?

Join an inquiry-based investigation on how to use CERs with data collection to drive data-based conclusions. Learn how to guide students in how to think deeper and write scientifically.

Speakers: Laurie Thompson

Grades: K-8

Getting to Know OpenSciEd

Making the shift in science education to meet the rigors of NGSS is a demanding mission for teachers. Searching for hours on end, piecing multiple sources of material together can be tough and frustrating.  Utilizing high quality science material to transform the students’  learning through inquiry-based lessons can transform your learning environment.  OpenSciEd is a curriculum that deeply fosters engaging science learning for FREE!   In this session we will discuss an overview of OpenSciEd, the features and how utilizing OpenSciEd will transform your classroom and way of teaching.

Speakers: Hallie Booth, Northern Kentucky Cooperative Educational Services

Grades: 6-12

Camp Invention 

In partnership with the National Inventors Hall of FameĀ® Pulaski Elementary School in Somerset, KY hosted the nationally acclaimed Camp Invention program for the first time this past summer. Children entering kindergarten through sixth grade were invited to participate in this inspiring, weeklong summer experience that provided opportunities for open-ended, hands-on exploration of science, technology, engineering and more! Through a variety of exhilarating activities each day, children have fun collaborating with friends, thinking creatively and inventing their own solutions to real-world challenges. Come experience for yourself some of the activities students participated in this summer, and hear how you too can offer this amazing experience for students in your school and community.

Speakers: Natasha Craft

Grades: K-5

Louisville Water Company Presents: Connecting a Community to their Utility

Louisville Water has a rich history of science and innovation that supports the health of all water consumers in the service area. This session will explore the need for a water company, the changes in water treatment from 1860 to today, and how we connect learners of all ages to the importance of water in the community. We’ll look at tools and resources for science educators, and cross-curricular programming, tying water to real-world learning. There will be a hands-on opportunity and takeaway materials offered in this session.

Speakers: Channa Newman

Grades: K-12

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