Complete Download List

Important Documents
Acad for Effective Science Teaching Informational flyer about the AESTL workshops.
Board Nomination Form document used to nominate someone for the KSTA board
bridge building competition 2016 WKU competition for HS and MS
Classroom Embedded Assessments FAQ Information describing the nature of Classroom Embedded Assessments in the new system.
Free Fall 2016 Newsletter Copy of the Fall 16 Newsletter for nonmembers
Guide to Implementing NGSS National Academies Press publication in pdf format
KEDC Workshop Flyer June 2016 Info about the workshop on Argument Driven Inquiry.
Kentucky Science Assessment System Overview A summary description of the new science assessment system for Kentucky public schools.
Map of KSTA Districts Map of ksta districts with counties listed for each district
NASA Eclips flyer a pdf file that gives info and links for NASA EClips
School Laboratory Management and Chemical Cleanout Manual Best Management Practices for the selection, purchasing, storage, safe handling and proper disposal of chemicals used in schools
Science Assessment System Critical Fact Sheet A summary of key information related to the assessment
Teacher-Friendly Grants A list of organizations offering grant funds to classroom teachers
Through Course Tasks Overview A document describing the nature and role of Through Course Tasks in the Kentucky science assessment system.
News linked docs
Conference Related Docs
2014 conference program The schedule of sessions as printed in the program
2015 KSTA Conference Program a complete listing of the sessions with descriptions
2016 Complete Conference Program a pdf copy of the printed conference program
2016 Conference Program Schedule & Descriptions a pdf copy of the printed program schedule for the 2016 conference
2016 Conference Registration Form pdf conference registration in pdf format
2016 Conference Registration Form Word conference registration in Word format
2016 Conference Session Proposal Application for use by presenters for the 2016 conference
2016 Exhibitor Contract Contract for exhibit space at the 2016 conference
2016 Exhibitor Letter Information for exhibitors at the 2016 conference
2016 Membership Application A word document that can be used to apply for membership by mail
Administrator Refund Form A form for administrators to apply for a refund of conference registration.
KDE Science Newsletters
KDE Science Connection Apr. 2014 KDE's Science education newsletter for April 2014
KDE Science Connection April 2015 KDE's science education newsletter for April 2015
KDE Science Connection Dec 2014 KDE Science Newsletter for December 2014
KDE Science Connection Feb. 2014 The February 2014 edition of KDE's Science Connection
KDE Science Connection Jan. 2014 Science Connection newsletter from KDE
KDE Science Connection Jan/Feb 2015 KDE newsletter for Jan. and Feb. 2015
KDE Science Connection Mar 2014 The Science connection newsletter from March 2014
KDE Science Connection Mar. 2015 KDE Science Newsletter for March 2015
KDE Science Connection Nov 14 The science ed newsletter from KDE consultants
KDE Science Connection Oct.2014 The KDE science newsletter
KDE Science Connection Sept. '15 KDE's science newsletter for September 2015
KDE Science Connection September 2014 The KDE science newsletter for september 2014
KSTA Award Forms
2016 Outstanding Science Teacher Award nomination form for the science teacher of the year
Sherry Fox Distinguished Educator Award nomination form for the distinguished educator



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