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The EESC Fall 2008 Poster Contest is Underway!

“Engineers Make a Difference” is the theme for the Engineering Education Service Center’s Fall 2008 Poster Contest. This year’s winning entry can be found in a display of inspiration, excitement, wonder and curiosity. Posters should be fun, motivational and inspire students to pursue a degree in engineering, technology and/or science.

Engineering is humanitarian, caring and possibly the most effective, hands-on approach to make the world a better place. The engineering field can be very exciting. If you would like a career that allows you to help others on a grand scale or if you ever wanted to make the world a better place, then engineering has something for you!

Engineers strive to make our lives better, easier, cheaper, more efficient and more fun by solving problems in everyday life. Engineers are practical inventors. It is through the work of engineers that we are able to prevent devastation from hurricanes, explore other galaxies, and prevent illness from the worst diseases. The work of engineers also includes camera phones, wireless computers, satellite TV, airplanes, hydrogen powered cars, digital music, underwater robots, air conditioning, indoor plumbing, cosmetics, titanium knee and hip replacements, and the list goes on and on. Almost everything you touch has been influenced or designed by an engineer directly or indirectly. It is impossible to think of a major technical development that hasn’t included the work of engineers.

Cash Prizes

Contest deadline: 11:59pm November 12, 2008

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