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Climate Discovery Online Courses for Educators

NCAR’s Climate Discovery Online Courses for Educators
Are you seeking a K-12 professional development opportunity that will enhance your qualifications, competency, and self-confidence in integrating Earth system science, climate, and global change into your science classroom?  NCAR offers a series of seven-week online courses for middle and high school teachers that combine geosciences content, information about current climate research, easy to implement hands-on activities, and group discussion. The courses run concurrently beginning September 19th and ending November 7th.
*  CD 501 Introduction to Earth's Climate is designed to guide participants through the basics of climate science, integrating content, classroom activities, and community-building discussions to help middle and high school educators understand the answers to common questions about climate.

* CD 502 Earth System Science: A Climate Change Perspective explores Earth as a system from the perspective of climate and global change, describing the interactions between the various parts of the Earth system, including human activities, and how they all affect our climate.

* CD 503 Understanding Climate Change Today presents some of the current and predicted impacts of global warming on our planet and human societies. This course explores how climate models are developed and used to understand likely scenarios of future climate and how current scientific research is improving the quality of climate predictions.
There is a $225 fee per course.  (Early bird registration fee of $200 if registered by Sept. 1^st !)

For complete course schedule and registration information, visit


Kirsten K. A. Meymaris
UCAR Office of Education and Outreach
Climate Discovery Online Facilitator
Lead Technologist - Project BudBurst

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