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Early Request Recommended for PD Funds

The KSTA leadership is concerned that some teachers may have a problem securing PD funds for attending this year's conference. Professional Development funds are included in a group of funds along with Safe Schools, ESS, and textbooks in a group referred to as Flexible Focus Funds. This means that the State budget includes certain amounts for those areas and will submit that amount in total to the districts. But, the district then has the right to reallocate amounts within those funds as they see fit. So, while yes, the amount of proposed funding for textbooks remained the same as
the last budget, Safe Schools, ESS, and PD were significantly reduced. Districts will vary in how they choose to use the funds - some will alter the “suggested” amounts while other will go with what was allocated for specific areas.
You need to find out ASAP how your district, your principal, your SBDM, and/or your professional development committee plans to use these funds.

Our Conference 2008 theme is The Future of Science and the strands are Technology, Literacy, and Content. These are critical areas in the future of education and we, as teachers, must be on the cutting edge of information to share with our students and peers. Keep up with our website, as you can now register by credit card for membership and conference registration. However, you can always download the forms and send them to me at the KSTA office, which is listed below. I still need hard copies of Purchase Orders and I will still take checks! The website CAN be used, but does not HAVE TO be used for membership and conference registration.
KSTA recommends that you get your requests for PD to you principal, councils or commmittee ASAP. Make sure you request funds for KSTA before all the funding
has been allocated.

There are three other possible sources of PD funds, but not every school/district is eligible for those funds. They are:
• Title II, part A (teacher quality funds). This option is probably the most widely available to districts.
• Title I funds, but only if the school is subject to consequences under NCLB.
• Commonwealth School Improvement Funds, but only if a school is classified as “in assistance” based on their CATS index.

We are having a great conference so plan now to attend Nov. 6-8.
We have John Draud, KY Commissioner of Education, and an Elementary Institute planned with The Picture Perfect Science. Come get some TLC!

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