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Online Physics Courses for Teachers

Created specifically for grade 4-9 teachers, these guided inquiry courses are open nationwide to teachers at all grade levels.  Each course earns either 1 graduate credit or 30 hours professional development credit.  The courses use only middle school mathematics, and do not require any previous physics courses.

The courses emphasize:
Understanding Physics concepts
Hands on Learning
Inquiry-based activities
The courses will:       
Improve teachers’ content knowledge
Improve teaching practices
Promote learning and student achievement
Course content supports the National Science Education Standards.

These content rich, self paced and practical courses include:
1. Light
2. Temperature and Heat
3. Electricity and Magnetism
4. Force, Motion, and Energy
Course Equipment Kits are Provided
Learn physics at your own site, on your own schedule.
For further information, please visit our site at

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