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Kentucky Department of Agriculture's Mobile Science Activity Center

We are now scheduling school visits for the 2008-2009 school year for the Kentucky Department of Agriculture's Mobile Science Activity Center.  For more information about the activity center, you can contact me directly at 270-339-4502 or by email at To reach the Frankfort office, call 502-564-4696 and ask for Rayetta Boone.  Our web site is  Below is a description of the activity center and what it offers.  I have also attached a written comment at the bottom of the email from a science teacher who recently used the activity center.  If you have already scheduled the activity center for the 2008-2009 school year, please forward this to any K-6 teacher or school who might be interested.   We have activities for grades K-6 but focus mainly on grades 3-5.
The Activity Center is a 44-foot long trailer with 10 workstations for a classroom of students to conduct activities and investigations related to agriculture and the environment.
All materials and supplies to conduct the activities are provided. Examples of activities are making Biodegradable Corn Plastic, Chocolate Chip Cookies in a Bag, Germinating and Growing Seeds, Crop Seed Identification, Ice Cream in a Bag, It Does What?--Gluep, Soy Lip Balm, Soy Hand Lotion, and On the Lookout for (Food) Labels  These activities make the connection between the agricultural source to commonly used products.
All activities align with Scientific Inquiry in Kentucky's Education Standards. The target grade levels are 4th and 5th grades. However, activities will be available on a limited basis for other grade levels.
Participating teachers must complete an orientation prior to school visit
Cost is $100 per day for a maximum of three days per school.

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