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New Vernier Website Provides Activities for Engineering and STEM Education

Triangle Coalition member, Vernier Software & Technology, is providing STEM educators with a website <> featuring lab activities such as investigating how concrete cures, writing a program to control an RC Servo motor, providing an LED alarm when a force threshold is surpassed, and more. All are free activities that involve data acquisition and control using Vernier sensors. In addition to videos demonstrating projects that use Vernier sensors with LEGO's NXT robot, the site provides ten experiments that use the company's SensorDAQ data-acquisition interface with National Instruments' LabVIEW software. Designed specifically for engineering education, the Vernier SensorDAQ is the result of a collaboration between Vernier Software & Technology and National Instruments. The new experiments focus on introductory engineering concepts from the major engineering disciplines, such as:

* Electrical Engineering: Measure the current and voltage of a solar cell to investigate the effect of irradiance angle on the total power output.

* Mechanical Engineering: Create a Wheatstone half-bridge circuit with two strain gages, and measure the strain on an aluminum cantilever beam as a load is applied.

* Civil Engineering: Investigate the tensile and compressive forces in truss bridge components, build a truss bridge out of manila file folders, and load it to failure.

* Chemical Engineering: Build a virtual thermometer to learn the basics of LabVIEW programming with step-by-step programming instructions.

* Biomedical Engineering: Visually track the status of your heart rate with output from an LED wired in an open-drain circuit.

Vernier Software & Technology has been an innovator of data-collection technology for 25 years. Creating easy-to-use and affordable engineering interfaces, sensors, probes, and software, their products can be found in education from elementary school to college in more than 123 countries. Vernier helps teachers enhance their STEM curriculum, increase learning, and build students' critical thinking skills. For more information, visit <>.

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