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Summer STEAM Academy at Murray

Do you want to develop a foundation for creative problem solvers and designers?  Learn how to turn STEM to STEAM at this Academy – because you don’t get STEAM without the Arts!

This Academy will approach STEAM through Design Thinking process (Stanford University) and how the Arts can play a stronger role in the creativity, problem solving, ideation and empathy within the Design Thinking process.

Our faculty will include Kim Hunter (Kentucky Science Center), Malke Rosenfeld (Math in Your Feet), Stacey Blakeman (dance), Keith McGill (drama improvisation) and others.

Presenters will include representatives from GE, FirstBuild, Applied Imagination (tentative), KET, and Margy Stevens (who designed and ran a successful STEM Program in the Dayton area for several years)


Teachers must apply for this Academy as a two-teacher team consisting of an Arts/Arts & Humanities teacher and a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) teacher.

Teachers will be paid a stipend of $500 to attend.  For the full application, go to:




Applications are due by April 17th.


To learn about the other Arts Integration Academies being offered this summer, please go to:




Questions?  Please contact Cecilia Reyna at

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