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Science Master Teacher Project for 2014-2015

Our new website, CC.BetterLesson, was built entirely for the Common Core and hosts lessons written by Master Teachers around the country. The NEA has partnered with BetterLesson to launch a Science Master Teacher Project for the 2014- 2015 school year


We are currently looking for master teachers for the MTP who:

·         Have passion for and experience with the Next Generation Science Standards

·         Are NEA members ready to “share what works” in their classrooms

·         Want to share great lessons next year and receive $15,000 for their work


At BetterLesson, we are developing a virtual community of teachers looking to “share what works” in their classrooms to help other educators better increase student learning. We feel this project would benefit immensely from the inclusion of NBCTs, knowing the knowledge, skills and beliefs they share through the Five Core Propositions.

You can find more information and the application here or check out the BetterLesson Opportunities page for more details. If you’d like to schedule a phone appointment to speak about this opportunity further, you can do so here.

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