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The University of Kentucky College of Arts and Sciences announces a new resource for science teachers and science classrooms statewide.
What’s New in Science is a series designed for high school and middle school science teachers and all other interested learners to find out more about the most recent discoveries, events, and advances in science today.   Session are held in a casual round table format, with professors from different scientific disciplines and science teachers from Kentucky schools talking among themselves, asking questions, and getting answers about new and emerging knowledge.   Each session focuses on a new topic in one of the sciences – there are four different sessions during Spring 2012. 
All sessions are videotaped for the convenience of teachers and high school classrooms.  We’ve already had the first 3 sessions as (highly successful) pilot events.   You can attend in person (Ap 26, 7 PM is next) and/or view the presentations and discussions when posted later on our web site.    The Physics session (The Big Bang, Dark Matter and Dark Energy) and Chemistry (Chemistry and Modern Life) are already posted.  The Biology session film and Q&A (Understanding Evolution Through Genomes) will soon be viewable.    
The Spring 2012 series wraps up on Thursday, April 26 at 7:00pm with our fourth talk, “Drugs and the Brain.”  The lead panelist for this session will be Susan Barron (Department of Psychology). Additional panelists for this talk include Randal Voss (Department of Biology), Diane Leindecker (Bryan Station High School), John Anthony (Department of Chemistry), David Bates (Lafayette High School), and Ganpathy Murthy (Department of Physics & Astronomy).
Audience seating is limited and reservations are required.  To find out more information on the series, topics, how to register to attend, and for information on free and convenient parking visit
What’s New in Science – bringing together several of UK’s outstanding scientists and the region’s best science teachers!
Sally A. Shafer
University of Kentucky
Partnership Institute for Mathematics and Science Education Reform
Dept. of Physics & Astronomy, Director of Outreach
Chem-Physics Bldg rm. 177
Lexington, KY  40506-0055
ph  859-257-5131
fax  859-323-2846

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