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NSTA National Conference in San Francisco


Professional Development for science educators is not a luxury, but a necessity for career longevity. Build your expertise, your teaching techniques, your classroom strategies, your content knowledge and become inspired at NSTA’s National Conference on Science Education, Mar. 10-13 in San Francisco. The advance deadline is Feb. 4., so register now to save the most. Consider some of our offerings.

  • Featured Presentation: Science Is Sexy, Veteran NPR science correspondent and award-winning TV journalist Ira Flatow ,host of NPR’s Science Friday®
  • Think Scientifically: NASA Solar Science Hidden in a Storybook- integrates children's stories with solid science, math, and literacy content, along with hands-on labs and activities.
  • Featured Presentation: Practical Tools to Support English Language Learners Reading Science Texts,Kenji Hakuta,  Lee L. Jacks Professor of Education at Stanford
  • Activities from Across the Earth System- spanning the five "spheres" of Earth system science. Elem-Middle School
  • Giving Elementary Science Teachers the Confidence, Skills, and Experience to Teach Chemistry- chemistry inquiry labs with lesson plans, strategies and rubrics.
  • Integrating Science and Emerging Educational Technology in the Science Classroom (ticketed RDC, includes breakfast and lunch)
  • Variation, Selection, and Time- Molecular genetics is shedding light on the process of natural selection. Middle-High School
  • Density and Other Labs Using Plastics-learn about the NMLSTA/ACC HOP module featuring use of the learning cycle and authentic assessment. Free mini kit of plastic resins. Elem-High
  • Engaging Students with Hands-On Nanotechnology Laboratory Activities
  • Discover the Excitement of Geosciences Research in Antarctica
  • Featured Presentation: The Total STEM Learning Ecology by Dennis Bartels Executive Director, Exploratorium

More than 10,000 attendees from every science discipline will participate at this extraordinary event for learning, networking, and developing both professionally and personally. Field trips-Environmental Epicenter Tour, a town hall on “Science Matters”, the Exhibit Hall and one of the most interesting and beautiful cities in our country make this an opportunity not to miss. Visit and use the personal scheduler to see more details planned for the conference.

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