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The Great American Energy Debate

During March hundreds of schools will participate in The Great American Energy Debate. A major activity of the student directed program is the National Student Energy Survey. I have attached a news release with last year’s results.
Jerry Gatz, President of the National Foundation for Energy Education, would like to ask for your assistance by having you and your students participate in the Survey which takes 5-7 minutes to complete. The 13 questions poll students' views on major energy issues. Optional videos provide students additional information about the question if it is needed.  The survey links can be found at
Some things to know:
o   There is no cost to a school to participate in the survey which runs from Jan 15 through March 15, 2011.
o   The 13 question on-line survey takes 4 -6 minutes and measures students' opinions about crucial energy issues.
o   If needed, optional videos provide students with additional information about the question.
o   You will be able to run a variety of reports of the Survey results of different sub groups at no cost.
o   National and state results will be available in April 2011, through the website.
o   To preview the survey select the link on our home page and use school code 99999.
For more information call 888-860-1222 or visit  and select the Survey option on the home page. The website will also provide you with other activities you may choose to conduct as part of TGAED program.

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