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Global Ozone Project for Middle and High School Students

We are identifying schools and teachers who would like to participate in our exciting new project for middle and high school students, the Global Ozone Project or "GO3 Project".  In the GO3 Project students around the world measure ozone and meteorological parameters outside their school and upload their data to an overlay in Google Earth to share with other students, teachers and scientists around the world.
We have 18 schools participating at the present time, including 4 international sister schools in Madrid, Moscow, Sydney and Cairo.  GO3 students are learning about environmental science while helping create the world's first ground-level ozone database.  We expect to have funding for 50 more schools starting this fall.  Funding is provided through the GO3 Foundation, a 501(c)(3) non profit foundation.  To learn more about the project, please see our website. We have developed a free curriculum that teachers can download as Power Point presentations, and we are working on free online interactive ("moodle") courses on topics such as ground-level ozone, the ozone hole, acid rain and climate change.
I am hoping that you can put me in touch with teachers in  Kentucky who might be interested in participating.  Having a few schools signed up in every state will help us with fund raising for those schools.  We are seeking donations from corporations, private foundations and government agencies.  Each participating school will receive a free instrument package valued at $6,000.
We hope you will make the signup opportunity available to schools in Kentucky through your newsletter, email list or web link as appropriate.  Teachers may see what schools are currently funded and signed up for sponsorship and sign up their school here.

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