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KET Offering New Science Resources

The KET Education Division has received an AT&T grant to satisfy the STEM requirements that emphasizes video production techniques in the science classroom.  So, we now offer video production workshops that will be tied to science applications. SCIENCE TEACHERS GET READY! It's very interesting and fun and best of all, free.  New equipment, a wireless computer lab at KET for teacher trainings, etc., and portable studio will soon be complete and ready for action.

KET Distance Learning has a new website.  German, Latin, and Physics classes are offered.  Our teachers are very knowledgeable, creative, and professional. The site has such a nice new design - don't forget about interactive physics labs - $50/school/year.

KET has picked up a new science series, Green Careers.  It is timely and our curricula are headed in this direction.  I really think the series is a great benefit to all who view and utilize the information.  Look for it on KET ED.

Science teachers will find Raindrops to Rivers very engaging and loaded with high quality practice and strategy ideas and examples.  There is an electronic field trip component, The Electronic Field Trip to the Watershed, that can be streamed from our site. There area two short programs, one for 3-5 grades, and one for 6-8 grades.

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