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Common Core for Every Student: Kentucky's Program of Studies and the College Readiness Standards

The board and the Kentucky Department of Education know that in order to be prepared for postsecondary education and the workforce, all students need access to  rigorous course work.
The Program of Studies is Kentucky’s comprehensive mandated curriculum for all Kentucky schools. In 2006, the POS was revised to include instructional standards that address the more rigorous graduation requirements. Therefore, the CRS is embedded within the Program of Studies. While there has been an effort to align the standards as closely as possible in this document, readers will see that in some cases, there is not an exact standard match for the CRS within the POS. In these cases, KDE has found that the skill or skills identified within the CRS are often a component of a more complex POS standard and that the POS standard to which we have aligned the CRS may include the expectation that students demonstrate a variety of other, related skills.

In each tested area, educators should note the importance of reading and critical thinking skills necessary for students to perform well on the tests. It also is important to note that, from grade to grade, some standards may be the same or very similar. In these cases, teachers are expected to continually refine instruction so that students use increasingly complex skills to achieve the standards for each consecutive grade level.
Here is a link to the combined document and other resources on the KDE website.

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