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American Association for the Advancement of Science
Clicked: 2337 times
AAAS site has a world of information about science and science ed.
American Chemical Society
Clicked: 1157 times
ACS site has info about latest news in chemistry and chemistry ed.
American Physical Society
Clicked: 1184 times
APS is wealth of information for Physics and Physical Science teachers and students.
Centers for Disease Control
Clicked: 1194 times
The CDC provides a wealth of information related to health and biology.
Clicked: 1168 times
Math and science have never been more important to the future of our children and our nation. ENC provides the resources and support for math and science educators needed to help raise student achievement in these vital subjects.
Clicked: 1166 times
Videos and clips for all topics in Science
Jefferson Lab
Clicked: 1356 times
As a world-class research facility, Jefferson Lab is a valued partner to the local, regional and national education community.
KDE Science
Clicked: 1200 times
The science section of KDE's website has documents like the Program of Studies and Core Content, as well as other links.
Kentucky Academy of Science
Clicked: 1474 times
The Kentucky Academy of Science encourages scientific research and promotes the dissemination of the scientific interests of the Commonwealth of Kentucky.
Kentucky Division of Forestry
Clicked: 1203 times
The division offers a variety of programs and services ranging from forest management and landowner assistance to logger training, urban forestry, forest health, wildfire prevention and forestry education.
Kentucky Energy & Environment Cabinet
Clicked: 1613 times
Energy and the environment  two parts of our daily lives that seem at first glance to be counter to each other. Yet, in Kentucky, we firmly believe these two areas can and should be part of the same discussion.
Kentucky Geological Survey
Clicked: 1242 times
The KGS provides lots of resources to Earth science teachers. Be sure to click on the button for Earth Science education.
Kentucky Science and Engineering Fair
Clicked: 1328 times
The site for the regional and state fairs affiliated with ISEF
KET Education Newsletters
Clicked: 1173 times
Information from Ky Educational Television
KY Agriculture & Environment in the Classroom
Clicked: 1100 times
To assist in the development and dissemination of educational materials and programs to increase agriculture/environmental literacy among educators and their students.
KY Girls STEM Collaborative
Clicked: 865 times
Fostering increased engagement by women and girls in STEM.
Clicked: 1122 times
Here's your opportunity to learn more about NASA as an agency. Explore the many facets of NASA, from our administration and leadership, to our mission and vision for the future, to business, research and career opportunities.
National Science Teachers Assoc.
Clicked: 1080 times
NSTA site has more things than we can list. Check it out.
Newton's Universe
Clicked: 1093 times
Presidential Awards for Math & Science
Clicked: 1132 times
Visit the website to get an application form and nominate a deserving teacher.



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